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The most popular ancient Chinese Schools of Painting were:-

  1. Painting School of Jiangxia
  2. Early Zhejiang School of Painting
  3. Late Zhejiang School of Painting
  4. Wulin School of Art

Silk and paper were the most popular bases used for paintings in China, and ornate wall hangings, hand scrolls and wall scrolls are still well-preserved in large numbers in various museums of China today. Now let’s take a look at the two primary techniques that were developed by the great Chinese artists, having profound influence on development of Art and Art Forms in China ever since then!

The Royal Style of Gongbi which made use of expensive fabrics, lavish colors and bold brush strokes with great dexterity. As the name suggests, this was a meticulous, rich and mesmerizing art form that was patronized by the Royalty and often highlighted the glories and praises of the rulers.

Water and Ink Style of Painting- This was more of an innovative and freehand style that independent artists used to indulge their creativity. This was more simplistic, and can be termed as the common man’s art.

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