Landscape Painting Two Divisions


Landscape art or painting is quite simply put the depiction of a natural scenery where the main subject is nature in a wide view. Now, the work can be extremely detailed or simply focused on specific elements.

There are actually only two main traditional landscape painting schools. One is the western school most notable with Dutch artistry and the other is the Chinese school or the Chinese art. Both go back over thousands of years.

Now while the western tradition is to incline towards romanticism in landscape artistry, Chinese often settled for philosophical interpretations of nature. Second difference lies in the use of colors. Chinese artists mostly preferred sketches and at best a few colors for their landscapes while Western landscape artists prefer providing a near natural experience with some romantic overtones.

Another interesting trivia to note is that the English word, landscape comes directly from a Dutch word called “landschap”. The Dutch term directly refers to any artwork or painting that depicts nature!

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