Dutch Culture


Dutch people belong to the beautiful country of Netherlands, and their culture has been a pinnacle of liberalism and tolerance since the medieval era. Not only have their peace-loving culture and harmonious traditions been hailed in Europe, but they have also left a mark in other parts of the world. Of course, the Era of Colonialism was an exception to this fact, and that was ironically when Dutch culture was transferred from Europe to the colonial settlements across Asia, Africa and South America.

When was the Golden Era of Dutch Culture?

The 17th century era can be considered as golden age of Dutch history, since that is when the country made multiple advancements in various areas of Art, Science, Technology as well as Military Prowess. This was the period of transition from a highly backward, theocratic and feudal monarchy to a great maritime and economic superpower that took the world by stride.

Varied Musical Traditions of Netherlands

Be it the impressive folk dances, classical music or the stunning cabaret and other dance forms of the Dutch people, the varied musical traditions of Netherlands have been turning heads for sure. The barrel organ and accordion were the earliest musical instruments used in the modern, post-Colonial era, and thereon various forms of Rock and Pop Music emerged as well.

Why is the Amsterdam Dance event so popular?

True to form, the Amsterdam Dance Event that is held every year in October, is the melting pot of various dance forms from all over the world. This massive event actually comprises of over 400 dance performances, shows and concerts, spread out over a time period of five nights. Qualifying to perform at this event is a matter of great pride, and the podium is the most stunning place to showcase your dance chops musical talent to a global audience. Many of the performing dancers come from public and private schools across Europe. Also, given the massive media coverage and great influx of tourists at this time, the Amsterdam Dance Event can be termed as the most memorable event of a lifetime for music and dance lovers. Also watch out for the gleaming nightlife and the mind-blowing EDM music concerts!

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