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How Safe Is Your Work In The Gallery?

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insuring art exhibits

Imagine a tornado making its way across the landscape, an earthquake terrorizing Los Angeles or a bomb blast, car crash – all these scenarios are risks that every individual faces in his or her daily life but the chances of them happening are really low. However, to an artist there is an added danger of…

Landscape Painting Two Divisions

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Landscape art or painting is quite simply put the depiction of a natural scenery where the main subject is nature in a wide view. Now, the work can be extremely detailed or simply focused on specific elements. There are actually only two main traditional landscape painting schools. One is the western school most notable with…

In-Sights For Art History Enthusiasts

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The most popular ancient Chinese Schools of Painting were:- Painting School of Jiangxia Early Zhejiang School of Painting Late Zhejiang School of Painting Wulin School of Art Silk and paper were the most popular bases used for paintings in China, and ornate wall hangings, hand scrolls and wall scrolls are still well-preserved in large numbers…


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